Terms And Conditions

Hereafter KRYSTAL LIMOUSINES shall be known as the company and the person named overleaf, and or the person signing the confirmation shall be known as the HIRER. It will be deemed that the hirer accepts FULL responsibility by himself/herself for every person in his/her party and fully agrees to the conditions of hire as follows.


Here are some key points from our terms and conditions:

1. All bookings must be confirmed within 48 hours with a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of 25% min of total hire charge before it is accepted as a positive booking. Balance is to be paid14 days prior to hire date (wedding bookings 2’1 days prior) or unless prearranged with the company.

2. All bookings made with the company require the hirer to provide us with a valid credit card number prior to hire date as a security against any damage to the vehicle or loss sustained by the company during hire period. ID ( eg Drivers Licence ) will be required to identify the card holder.

3. As far as possible the hirer should try to maintain the time frame for which the vehicle is reserved. Reasonable time will be allowed for delays for pickups and return collection times. Up to 15 minutes after the agreed times will be free. Thereafter a fee may be charged at increments of 15 min as per agreed hourly rate. The chauffeur will make every attempt to contact the hirer on phone numbers provided to avoid the likelihood of this occurring. If however after all efforts have been made to contact hirer and delay becomes unreasonable we reserve the right to cancel arrangement and depart from pick up area with no refund given.
In the event that the time or location of the hire is changed prior to the hire date or at the time of pick up, the company reserves the right to make any additional charges if required.

4. Time permitting, the chauffeur may be willing to collect or drop off additional passengers from alternative locations subject to the maximum capacity of the vehicle. Any extra request or alterations to the booking ( i.e. additional pick up or chop off points, change of venue causing extra mileage or time ) not made at time, of booking / confirmation cannot necessarily be entertained, although every effort will be made to meet these requirements and will be at the discretion of chauffeur to ensure it does not conflict with other commitments.
Request for extension of hire time during hire period can be made to chauffeur an extra cost will be charged in increments of ’15 min as per standard hourly rates and will be subject to vehicle’s other commitments. Extension of time charges must be paid for at time to chauffeur.

5. The company is not responsible for any delays caused by adverse weather, road conditions, roars works, traffic and any other conditions out of our control.

6. Whilst every effort is afforded to the service ability of the vehicles, the company accepts no responsibility for mechanical, electrical or material breakdown how ever caused. In this unlikely event, every effort will be made for the immediate repair to the vehicle so that the journey can continue or the hirer will be transferred to another vehicle/s and any extra cost Incurred will be bourne by the company or partial refund given which shall be communicated directly with the hirer.
In the event of a breakdown or accident to the vehicle booked prior to the (late of hire every effort will be made to supply a similar or alternative vehicle/s at the company’s discretion.

7. Stretched Limousines are limited access vehicles. Chauffeurs reserve the tight to deny access to a venue that may put the vehicle or its patrons in an unsafe situation. The company accepts no responsibility for restricted access at any location and are not liable for delays caused by this.
Unless otherwise entrusted by hirer and confirmed by the company. Routes travelled will be entirely at the discretion of the chauffeur in accordance with road traffic and weather conditions whether the route is the shortest or not. No allowance will be made to tho hirer on the grounds that the route is not actually the shortest.

8. The law states that the wearing of fitted seat belts is compulsory at all times and all occupants are to adhere with this.
The company’s chauffeur will be in a separate cabin to the passengers will be unable to monitor this adherence and are not there to police this. The chauffeur cannot give you authority not to wear a seat belt so please do not ask. Any fines incurred will be the responsibility of the individual.

9. Luggage capacity in the vehicles is restrictive. The company will undertake to transport a reasonable quantity of accompanying luggage. If however, in the judgment of the chauffeur, volume or weight is excessive, the company reserves the right to refuse carriage of the said luggage. In addition the company does not assume any responsibility or liability for loss, stolen or damage to clients properly or luggage, however such loss or damage is caused.

10. At no time will the company take responsibility for any personal belongings left behind in the vehicle. Clients are advised to check all personal belongings are in their possession when vacating the vehicle.

11. All property including CD’S / DVD’S, lighting, glassware, bar equipment that is provided in the limousine for the pleasure of passengers remains the property of the company and the hirer accepts responsibility on behalf of the hirer’s party for any loss or damage of this property.

12. The hirer expressly accepts that except in cases of emergencies, only the chauffeur may open and close vehicle doors, this is a safety precaution to minimise injury to passengers, accidents and damage to the vehicle. The company nor its chauffeurs will be held responsible for injury, accidents or damage caused as a consequence of the hirer or his/her party failing to adhere to this condition and the hirer accepts responsibility for any damage to the vehicle or third party as a result of hirer or hirers party failing to adhere to this condition.

13. The consumption of food is not permitted in any of the vehicles unless specific agreement has been made with the company prior to the hire date.

14. Where complementary drinks are supplied by the company, these must be consumed in the vehicle and must not be removed for any reason whatsoever. In the event that unopened drinks are removed, then the company may at its own discretion recover costs from the hirer. Hirers are not permitted to supply their own alcohol unless by prior arrangement with the company. Additional chinks are available from the company by request at a charge.
Minors are not permitted to drink alcohol under any circumstances at any time in the limousines.

15. The hirer accepts that the company adopts a strict NO SMOKING policy in all of its vehicles and failure to adhere to this policy will result in the immediate termination of hire agreement without any refund.
The company will not be held responsible for the use or transportation of any illegal substance or articles within the limousine. Failure to abide by this condition will result in immediate termination of hire agreement without refund.

16.The company and or its chauffeur reserve the right to refuse entry to the vehicle to any person/persons they deem unfit for whatsoever reason. In this event no refund will be given.

17. The chauffeur has the right to stop the vehicle and refuse to continue and cancel hire contract if any person/persons behave in an unruly, abusive or drunk manner which may be detrimental to other people or deemed to be mistreating the vehicle in any way whatsoever.

The hirer is and will be helot responsible for the conduct and behaviour of their party.

18. All vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and checked for damage before each hire
The hirer shall be fully responsible and liable for any damage caused both inside and outside the vehicles by the hirer or any member of his/her party however caused. This includes incitement to ANY THIRD PARTY, which results in damage to the vehicle or its contents.
The hirer agrees to be held liable for total retail cost of repairs as a consequence of any damage caused. In addition the hirer further agrees that the company may at its entire discretion determine the organisation that will complete the repairs.
Furthermore the hirer shall be responsible for payment of a fixed rate, which shall be determined by the company, at its sole discretion for the period which the vehicle is out of commission as a consequence of the damage and repairs.

19. PLEASE NOTE : A min charge of $250 for valet-service which may also include detailing will be charged to the hirer for any person being physically sick. The company reserves the right to make any additional charges and to set such charges against the hirer’s credit card in the event of this happening unless paid to chauffeur at time of rental in cash.

20. The agreement to hire is between the e hirer and the company.

21. The hirer must be at least 18 years old.

22. In the event that the hirer is a company/ business then that company/business shall assume the responsibility of the hirer and be bound to advise the party or passengers these terms and conditions.

23. The company may at its own discretion refuse any hire at any time without explanation or reason.

24. The company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice.

25. Where damages incur a charge to be levied by the company notification will be sent to the Hirer, outlining the costs and methods of acceptable remuneration for these charges.

26. Upon providing us with information, we may use this information to contact you via email or phone, so as to provide you with promotional offers and our newsletter.